Sunday, December 6, 2009

Karouzo's Steakhouse - Steak, Seafood, and Pasta

First visit during our honeymoon was the beautiful Jasper with it's world's famous view of Rocky Mountains. Karouzo's is located in the heart of downtown. From outside you can see beautiful mountains. We went there during summer. Though it wasn't our first time there, the view was still beautiful and breathtaking.

So, there we were, at Karouzo's Steakhouse restaurant, at the starting point of our obsession over trying on as many restaurants as possible (given the very limited budget that we had ^_^). It wasn't a very crowded restaurant. It might simply because we went there after lunch hour (around 2 pm), but I was expecting more people (there were only 4-6 other customers there).

For appetizer, my husband and I shared a plate of baked potato skins. They were really good. Not the best that I ever had, but were really good. They were rich, crispy, and quite filling. The only thing that I'm not a fan of is its pile of chives. I'd prefer it to have less chives. Nevertheless, they're still yummy and since it's dried chives, it's pretty easy to take them off.

For entree, I ordered "Rainbow Trout" and my husband ordered the prime rib. I liked my trout. It was cooked beautifully, with enough flavor in it, though my husband wasn't a big fan of it.

Well, I guess the man likes his beef because he really enjoyed his prime rib. If I could complain, then the only thing I'd complain about is their side dishes. Maybe it wasn't my lucky day, but the side dishes were kind of bland. So, we got a perfect excuse to didn't finish our vegetables that day >_<

So, with those three dishes, our bill added up to $64.02, not including gratuity. While we noted that the food were good, they weren't super memorable. We actually had to see pictures to remember what we had there at the end of our honeymoon.
Would we recommend it? Yes.
Will we go back there? Maybe.
While it's a steak house, it is apparently a Greek restaurant (I read it in some discussion forum), so maybe going with their Greek Menus might make your dinning experience more memorable.

Here is the link of the website in case you are interested in visiting it.



ogautama said...

Waaahhh... for a Greek restaurant, they sure promote non-Greek food. Just look at the name... ^_^

Yuliana Gautama, B.A, M.Ed said...

Yes. We went there craving for western food, and were quite surprised to find Greek food like pita bread and Greek Salad in the menu. It wasn't until later on that we googled it and realized that it IS a Greek Restaurant.

ogautama said...

How could you crave Western food? If it were Chinese food, I would understand more... ^_^