Sunday, December 6, 2009

Introducing: New Contributor ^_^

Hi there!

Before I'm adding on this blog, I thought I would like to first introduce myself. I am a sister/sister-in-law of two original creators of this blog. Yes, their love for food has transferred to us over time.

By us, I mean me and my wonderful husband. We got married last summer and tracking all restaurants that we've gone before has became our thing. We started out during our honeymoon and decided to keep a simple record of all restaurants that we've visited since we got married (excluding any fast foods restaurants, and yes, we kind of consider Chinese food to be fast food since we do take outs most of the time).

So, enjoy and hopefully these information can be any help to you when deciding to visit these restaurants. Please remember, though, most of these restaurant we only visited once, so it might not do justice to the restaurant. What we are sharing is personal opinion. Any comment is welcome.

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