Monday, May 19, 2008

Pangsit Mie Ujung Pandang (Ujung Pandang Wonton Noodle)

Pangsit Mie Ujung Pandang is one of my favorite food in Makassar. It is usually consumed as breakfast. Various Pangsit Mie's restaurants in Makassar are opened very early in the morning (i.e. ~6 am) . In my recent trip to Makassar, Pangsit Mie is one of the food that I tried alot. Different restaurants offer different taste and I love them all.

Pangsit Mie consists of BBQ pork, steam chicken, and wonton (i.e. pangsit). Some places serve only steam wonton while others serve both steam and friend wonton. It is also served with one bowl of soup. Some people like mixing the soup with the noodle. I am a bit different, I eat the noodle and the meat first then drink the soup and eat all the wonton at the end.

Enough explanation, following is picture of Pansit Mie. It is taken at Pansit Mie Singapore Restaurant (i.e. located Jl Lombok).

Pangsit Mie Ujung Pandang

I wish I can cook it myself so I can still consume while living in Canada :)


ilovesnoopy said...

i'm craving for this bakmi ujung pandang as well. I wish i can find the type of noodle they used.

Olivia Gautama said...

Yeah... I think ramen is as closed to the real thing as possible in Canada. But if you find out which noodle they use, please do share the info. ^_^

~Vlafour~ said...

i've never troed the authentic version of i suppose in terms of the size, it's closer to udon than ramen.

ogautama said...

Unfortunately, that's where the similarities between this one and udon end. >_<

Actually, I found out that thick Shanghai Noodle is also a good substitute (in the absent of the real thing..)