Friday, April 4, 2008

Pondok Indonesia

Pondok Indonesia is the best Indonesian restaurant in Greater Vancouver area. It has a nice atmosphere and close to skytrain. Earlier tonight, a few friends from work and I went to have dinner in this place.

For appetizer, we ordered Gado-Gado, which was a mix of vegetables, bean sprouts, tofu, and boiled eggs topped with peanut sauce. It tasted sweet from the peanut and the veggie was crunchy, forming a refreshing combination.

Next, we had Sate Ayam, again topped with peanut sauce and fried shallot. The satay came on the hot plate and looked really appetizing. Mmmmm... it was a good call to order this one; the chicken was really tender and tasty. The taste was very close to what I had growing up.

One of the main dishes were the Vegetarian Plate. It came with Tahu Isi, Bakmi Goreng, Tahu Kecap, and Toge Tauco. This one came with the peanut sauce on the side as well. I am starting to realize that peanut-allergic people probably wouldn't enjoy Indonesian food. But I love peanut, so I am safe.

We also ordered Buncis. I didn't taste it, though, since I love meat more than I do veggies. Plus, a friend was vegetarian, so she definitely enjoyed it more than I did.

Next we had Ayam Bumbu Bali. I suggested this dish because it was very different than any western style chicken. It was sweet and spicy, but unlike Chinese style sweet and spicy chicken. I believe the chicken was marinated first, then deep fried, and then pan fried with more spices.

Lastly, we had Rendang. I was pretty full when this dish came out, so I only ate a little. I would prefer the beef to be more tender, but it was okay. It tasted a bit like beef curry.

I love the dessert. We ordered Pisang Gulung Manis to share. It came in 4 pieces, which surprised me a little (in a good way).

All in all, it was a good dinner. The ambiance was good. The waiters were very helpful. The food was delicious. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that my friends treat me to it.


shokutsu said...

I've been meaning to check this place out (I drive by the West Broadway location often), and seeing your experience and pictures, makes me definitely want to go soon!

I had a great meal in Jakarta earlier this spring, so want to have some quality Indonesian food here in Vancouver.


ogautama said...

Wow.. seems like you go around the world for food. Good for you! Yes, Indonesian food is great and Pondok Indonesia has the most authentic Indonesian food in Vancouver. Try it the next time you can. ^_^