Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nyuk Nyang

Nyuk Nyang is fairly unique food name and I believe it only exists in Makassar. In other cities of Indonesia, it is usually referred as Bakwan. This food is normally consumed during breakfast or lunch time; however, today I had it in the afternoon, because I forgot to have lunch :)

Nyuk Nyang

Nyuk Nyang consists of Pork Meat Balls in a soup. One bowl usually contains 10 meatballs. There are several varieties of Meat Balls offered:
  • Hitam, tendon ball
  • Putih, normal meat ball
  • Pangsit, tendon ball covered with wongton skin
  • Pangsit Goreng, similar Pangsit but it is deep fried
  • Goreng, deep fried ball, not sure what it is made of
Depending on places who sold it, Nyuk Nyang is eaten with Buras as the complement; it is rice with special aroma.


Nyuk Nyang can be found at Restaurant or on the street, some seller walk from places to places with green cart. Everyone will know if they are Nyuk Nyang seller by looking at their cart.

Nyuk Nyang's Green Cart

Today as appatizer, I ate Jalan Kotek, it contains meats, bean sprout, carrot and other veggies. In Jawa, it's called Pastel. Makassar's Jalan Kotek is unique because we consumed it with special chili sauce, instead of Thai chili used by people in Jawa when eating Pastel.

Back: Jalan Kotek, Roti Goreng
Front: Lumpia Goreng

That's all, short report from Makassar :)

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ogautama said...

Yuuummmmm.... Btw, aku kalo pulang pingin makan nasi goreng Ateng... Put that on the list of things to eat with me ^_^