Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ikan Bakar Dinar

This time, I will talk about different seafood restaurant that I visited last week, Dinar Restaurant. Dinar Restaurant is a larger restaurant compare to Apong in term of size. It has 2 branches in Makassar. Due to its large building size, one can reserve a VIP room if needed.

In term of taste, it is good. In term of fish, it also has wide variety of fresh fish. In term of how the fish is cooked, most restaurant have pretty much the same style. The main difference is usually on the chili sauce ingredient. For this reason, I prefer Apong restaurant. However, if you prefer larger restaurant size and more comfortable dining experience, I'll suggest Dinar restaurant.

This time, we ordered a lot because all of us haven't eaten yet. Let's start with the first item, Sito's Shrimp (Udang Sito). You can figure out the size by looking at the following pictures; it is almost impossible to find shrimp this size in Canada.

Sito's Shrimp

Sito`s Shrimp, smaller size

The next shrimp we had is fairly unique, it looks like lobster, but it is called Udang Kipas, not really sure how I should translate it to English. Direct translation of Kipas to English is fan, but Fan's Shrimp sounds weird. Anyway, the taste of this shrimp is awesome.

Udang Kipas

The following fish is called Ikan Bolu in Makassar and Ikan Banden in other cities of Indonesia. The fish has a lot of bones, I don't like it that much, I only like its ja'nna (i.e. fish's belly).

Ikan Bolu or Ikan Bandeng

We also ordered two type of fishes that used Palape sauce. I forgot the name of the fish. I will update once I get the answer.



We also ordered Ikan Sunu goreng, another name for Ikan Kerapu or Cod in English. Goreng means deep fried as you can see at the following picture.

Ikan Sunu Goreng (Deep Fried Cod)

Green Mussle with Padang sauce (Kerang Saus Padang) is another item we ordered. The sauce is a bit spicy and rich of flavour.

Green Mussle with Padang Sauce (Kerang Saus Padang)

Last seafood item we order is the following Boiled Fish (Ikan Tim) that I cannot identify as well.


Last, we always have vegetables to complement all the seafood we had. This time we order the favorite veggie, Stir Fried Kankung (Kangkung Cah Polos).

Stir Fried Kankung (Kankung Cah Polos)

That's all for that day, another nice day :) Overall, the food are fresh and cooked nicely. It is nice to live in Makassar, you can eat seafood like a king.


Ellen Antheunis said...

Ikan kerapu = grouper (english).
udang kipas = slipper lobster.

Vita Masli said...

what camera did u use?

closari said...

I am using the old Nikon D200 with 18-70mm lens

ogautama said...

Thanks for the translation, Mrs. Baasje. Simplicity, I will let my husband explain his camera to you. ^_^

D'Chuz said...

ikan tenggiri murah.

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