Friday, April 18, 2008

Ikan Bakar Apong (BBQ Fish Apong)

Apong Seafood restaurant is fairly new seafood restaurant in Makassar, compare to the other seafood restaurant, but the restaurant has good popularity among people in Makassar. The reason is that it always has very fresh fish and you can find a lot of weird and delicious fish here as well. There is a story that one of the reason why this restaurant always has new fish. The story said that the owner of the restaurant has very close relation with one of the police inspector in Makassar; hence, the restaurant has a very good connection with the fish supplier.

Enough history, let's get to the food. This time, we did not order much items, because I am kind of half full before going to this restaurant. When I first arrived, we have to choose the fish by yourself and tell the server how you want the fish cooked; BBQ, Boiled with your choice of spice. In Makassar, we love chili, so the restaurant always gives various ingredient for creating our own chili sauce. You can see the ingredient in the following pictures.

Chili Ingredient

My Chili Sauce

For appetizer in all seafood restaurant in Makassar, they serve Otak-Otak (it's fish meat wrap in banana leaves). I love otak-otak, in addition to its good taste, I always used it to test to my chili sauce, to check if I need to add more ingredients or to check if it's spicy enough.


Every time I go to seafood restaurant, I always order BBQ Squid (Cumi Cumi Bakar), it is a must for me :) You have two options on how it's BBQ-ed: with the black ink or not. At that time, I choose the one with no ink as you can see at the following picture. Some people like it with the ink because they said it's more healthy; I don't know the reason why. Beware when you ordered Cumi-Cumi Bakar, some restaurant give a very small squid, you should check how big it is before putting order. At this place, the squid is big enough even though it's not as big as squid in Canada.

Cumi-Cumi Bakar

The other fish we ordered is boiled rock cod (Ikan Tim Kerapu Tikus). It's pretty hard to get this type of fish; therefore, the price is expensive. However, in Makassar, it is still much cheaper compare to other big cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta or Surabaya. You can taste its freshness by feeling how soft its meat felt in your mouth. We had a very fresh one.

Boiled Rock Cod (Ikan Tim Kerapu Tikus)

The last fish we ordered is BBQ Manggali Fish (Ikan Bakar Manggali). It is BBQ-ed, cut into half, poured with Palape sauce (it's garlic, chili, and other special ingredient that I am not sure). At Apong, the Palape sauce did not taste as good as the other restaurant I have tried, and they only gave very small amount as you can see at the following image. The fish is good, the complaint is only on the sauce. It did not taste bad but it's not good enough.

BBQ Manggali Fish (Ikan Bakar Manggali)

When eating fish, it has been tradition that we will also order at least one type of vegetables (Sayur). Normally, I order Kangkung (Ong Choy), but this time, I order Cai Sin, I am not sure what the english translation of this veggie. You can see the image and find it out :)

Cai Sin Veggie (Sayur Cai Sin)

Ok that's it for now, very full, I went home afterward and fell asleep. Last week, I got chance to go to other seafood restaurant with my wife-to-be's family. I will post some photos once I had time :)

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