Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dan Tai Fung Jakarta

On March 30, my brother told me that he will take me to Chinese Restaurant located at Senayan, Jakarta for dim sum. The restaurant looks very luxury and it also has great interior design. When I looked at the menu, I was pretty surprise because this restaurant has been chosen as Top 10 Restaurant in The World by New York Times. They even wrote brief history of the restaurant on the menu. You can read the history here.

Din Tai Fung

We only ordered five boxes, as you can see from the following image :)

Dim Sum Packaging,
the size is bigger than what I normally see

The first item we tried is the Steamed Pork Dumpling. We are suggested to eat it with ginger mixed with soy sauce and vinegar; this is new for me, because I usually ate dumpling with Vinegar only. This dumpling taste different than any dumpling I had before. When I bite it, you can feel some warm water coming out from the dumpling, then it mixed with the dipping sauce, it taste and feel so good ...

Steamed Pork Dumpling

Then as side order, I had Shrimp Spring Roll, it is served in the mini basket as shown below. The spring roll is made very crunchy while the shrimp and meat inside are still soft. It tastes very good.

Shrimp Spring Roll

Then I opened another box, and it is Shrimp and Pork Shaomai. The shape of shaomai is very unique and I like eating shaomai in this shape compare to normal one; what a creative chef.

Shrimp and Pork Shaomai

Just like any other dim sum, ordering Bun is a must, so we ordered two types of Bun: Taron Bun and BBQ Pork Bun. Both of them taste really good as well, similar to previous items we consumed.

Taro Bun

BBQ Pork Bun

For main dish, I order Chicken Noodle Soup. The noodle is hand made. Similar to any noodles sold in Indonesia, the noodle and soup are separated. In Vancouver, most of the times the noodles are put in the soup already when server. I actually love it when they are separated, so I don't have to drink all the soup first before eating the noodle. As predicted, the noodle and soup are really good too; however, I think 369 in Surabaya has better chicken soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Following dish is not related to Dan Tai Fung. It is Satay I consumed on the same day before we went back to my brother place. It's pork Satay. On the right, you can see it's only Pork's Fat, called Sancan. I tried to limit myself to eat only one sancan even though it tastes really good ... To accompany the pork satay, I also order Baikut Sayur Asing plus stream rice :)

Pork Satay


ogautama said...

Heeeee... you ate all of those in a day?!?!?!

closari said...

yes ... but it's for Breakfast and Lunch, di bagi 3 kok Liv, so not only me :)

Ivone said...

waduuuuh bikin ngiler nih....

erwinwijanto photography said...

OMG>. Make me hungry.. Looks so yummy :)