Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bambuden Restaurant - Food Trial

Bambuden Restaurant has been well know in Makassar for long time. Almost everyone living in Makassar know about this restaurant. It has been established since 1942 and now the ownership has been passed to the third generation. Bambuden is famous as a place for Wedding event. Even though, now there are a lot of restaurant in Makassar that could host a wedding event, Bambuden is still one of the favorite location.

Bambuden Restaurant

For my upcoming wedding, Olivia's family and my family decided to use Bambuden for hosting our wedding reception. For my family reception, I got chance to go to the restaurant for the food trial. Food trial gives us opportunity to taste all food we ordered before the event, so we could give feedback on things to improve or change.

The first item is Hongkong Salad, it contains various meats, duck, pork, shrimp, chicken with jelly fish and longan in the middle covered with yellow mayonnaise. I like its combination of jelly fish, longan and mayonnaise, it felt refreshing in my mouth.

Hongkong Salad (Selada ala Hongkong)

The second menu is Crab and Shark's Fin Soup. The only complaint here is that the soup is a bit too salty for some people, even though it's ok for me.

Crab and Shark's Fin Soup (Sup Kepiting Hisit)

The third menu is Three Type of Shrimps Combination. One of them is shrimp with mayonnaise, while I am not so sure about the difference between the other two. They all taste good.

Three Shrimps Combination (Trio Udang Kombinasi)

The fourth menu is Abalone with Mushroom. The abalone is very tender, eating one piece will make you want to eat more :) Mixing moku mushroom with the abalone is surely a great addition to the tastiness of this menu.

Abalone with Mushroom (Angsion Abalone Moku)

The fifth menu is Black Mushroom with Brocolli. I believe the special ingredient in this menu is the Black Mushroom. I don't have much to say about this menu, it taste great and it is good to have some veggies after consuming so much meat/seafood.

Baklion Tongku

The sixth menu is Bun and BBQ Pork. I already felt full before tasting this bun; however, things changed after I took the first bit; the combination of BBQ Pork and the Bun is perfect, it's not a regular bun. For some reason, this menu is called Shanghai Satay, I have no idea where it is originated from.

BBQ Pork with Bun (Sate Shanghai)

The last item is Fried Noddle, it did not taste good, maybe because I am full already. At the reception the last menu will be fresh fruit.

Mie Soa Goreng

That's it, what a very fulfilling night, it's pretty hard to walk after eating all these food :)


ogautama said...

Yummmmmmm!!!! I wanna taste them too... Especially the salad, shrimp combination, and bbq pork bun. Yummy!!!

Ivone said...

you guys are killing me!! The food looks yummy!!